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Cap the Point
A Team Fortress 2 Roleplay Community
8th-Sep-2013 07:05 pm - RP Thread: Team Players
Spy Emblem (BLU)
Who: BLU Spy, RED Soldier, and anyone else.
Where: The vault, just after a slim victory
When: September 8th
What: A little disagreement, that's all.

A pair of sore winners...Collapse )
3rd-Sep-2013 04:08 am - The Cork Board is Getting Busier
Medic Patch2

There's another note on the community notice board, a neatly written one on a fresh sheet of lined loose leaf and tacked neatly beside the most recent bulletin:


Sink installation

Please see the RED Medic in the Medb ward medical facil shack to the side of the main base for further details at your earliest convenience.'

Well, most of it was written neatly.

31st-Aug-2013 10:31 pm - Comm Chat Invite - Labor Day!
A note, scrawled out across very official paper in (mostly) neat handwriting, can be found in the kitchen - the one place that most of the mercenaries are likely to visit eventually.

" My friends,

Very reliable sources tell me that the robot forces have very temporarily withdrawn; something rather large is happening elsewhere, and their central command has ordered most of their numbers away. I believe this would be a very opportune time to take advantage of the lull and enjoy a bit of quality time together.

Labor Day is approaching, and though we all hardly have traditional occupations, we certainly work in very dangerous conditions - we deserve a day to stop and relax.

I have made arrangements to bring in food - all the "fixins", I believe it is called? Hamburgers and other picnic fair. The meal will only need a little extra preparation; someone to man the grill, for instance.

If you are not otherwise occupied, please join me. No work, no weapons, no worries. Bring whatever you would like to add.


((We'd actually like to do something like this in the chat with everybody! We just need to plan a good time, so chime in with what works for you. ))
15th-Jul-2013 11:47 am - RP Chat Log: Critical Consumerism
Soldier Emblem
Who: Civilian and BLU Soldier
Where: Upgrade Shop
When: July 14th
What: Soldier finally does his patriotic duty and learns to capitalism.

COMMERCE...Collapse )
4th-Jul-2013 12:11 am - Open thread: Covert Operations
Who: Starts with Solly and Dan, anyone can join.
Where: Just outside the base.
When: July 3rd
What: A certain grumpy maggot needs to do something.

Another day under the blistering sun, another day fighting tin cans, another day waiting for something to happen in between fights.Collapse )
3rd-Jul-2013 10:11 am - Open RP Thread - Never Any Good News
Who: Civilian, Open
Where: Just outside of HQ
When: Late Morning - end of June
What: Civy goes through his mail and finds something rather disheartening. People can then poke at him.

So far removed from any major city, and with carriers often prevented from delivering due to sudden onsets of highly inconvenient robot attacks, the mail did not always arrive to the mercenaries in Coal Town with any great regularity. When it did come, the Civilian was always quite eager to greet it, standing with a cordial smile on his face as the driver, nervously gripping their steering wheel on the approach to their base while their eyes frantically searched for anything metallic and mobile, came rumbling along down the bumpy dirty road. The mail was often a welcome diversion, a healthy source of news from the rest of the world, and perhaps most importantly, it was a primary line of communication for Civy and his job.

On this particular day...Collapse )
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